Leen Lambrechts-Noël

Master Certified Coach (ICF), Senior coach trainer & teamcoach trainer

Accredited Coach Supervisor (Posgraduate Diploma Ashridge)

Leen Lambrechts, pioneer in the Coaching Profession since 1991

Leen Lambrechts is an early pioneer in the field of professional coaching and the coaching leadership style. Since 1991, she has been specializing in the topics of coaching, coaching & leadership, coaching culture, feedback culture, self-development and organizational development.

Early on in her career she experienced the coaching style as an enormous boost in her own personal growth and career success. In the 1990's she felt this area of development was very much underestimated in its potential impact. It became my passion to provide a highly specialised coach training programs and to supervise professional coaches. 

In 2004, Leen Lambrechts started together with Marleen Boen "The Coaching Square", an ICF Accredited Coach Training Institute, to certify coaches up to the level of Professional Certified Coach (PCC - ICF). 

Anno 2018  she has trained and supervised more than 500 coaches. As supervisor she have facilitated 9 MCC (Master Certified Coaches) to succesfully obtain their ICF MCC-certificate. 

Individual Coach Supervision

In 2017-18, Leen Lambrechts specialized in Organisational Supervision at the Hult / Ashridge University. Developing Professional Supervision as a 'normal standard' in the Benelux is now her last big professional project to support the Coaching Community.  As a regional co-ordinator for Belgium with the Association of Coach Supervisors, this is her redefined professional mission.

Back ground of Leen Lambrechts-Noël

Before Leen became interested in the coaching profession, she worked in International companies (logistics and informatics) in the Learning & Development departments.  

As trainer she was involved in different areas:  performance coaching, on-the-job coaching, induction programs, presentation skills, train-the-trainer, customer focus programs, continuous improvement programs, etc.

She developped many blended learning coach programs and continues to do this as part of leadership programs for companies who want to evolve towards a leaning culture, a feedback culture or coaching culture. 

As coach, she relies on a broad professional development: ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC), Accredited Coach Supervisor (Ashridge post graduate), Executive Business Coach, Systemic Coach, Organisational constellations,  Lead trainer ACTP program, Lead Trainer CCEU Team Coaching, ICF Mentor-coach, Transformational Presence & Leadership Coaching, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching, Richard Barrett Value based practitioner, NLP Master, Action Learning Facilitator, Lego Serious Play® Facilitator, Integrative Enneagram Coach, …

She coaches executives and management teams, facilitates action learning, is a lead trainer for ICF certification and lead trainer in teamcoaching.  

Professional, reflective supervision is offered to small groups up to 6 coaches or team coaches. 

Group Supervision