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Reflective Coach Supervision

Reflective coach supervision is rather unknown, thus not loved, especially in Belgium. Why is coach supervision important?

Each of us learned the coach profession by falling down and getting up again. A coach training offers you many frame works, tips and tricks and influences our coaching mindset. But once we left the coach training, we are on our own. 

As coach we are responsible for an optimal guidance of the learning process.  Our clients are not evaluating how we facilitate their path: they trust we know what and why we do what we do. It is our profession.

And yet, ... how much do we keep on challenging ourselves to consciously observe our behaviours, our patterns, our mindset?

Every coaching session contains many decisive moments and sometimes we don't take time to reflect on this. There are multiple reasons for this: we just did not book time to reflect, it may be too painful to look at missed opportunities, we might not have an idea how it could have done better ... 

There is a important rule for learning processes: because we don't realise ... we keep on doing what we are doing. 

Every professional coach keeps looking for external sound boards. Who could you talk to without feeling stuck in a form of shame about what something that felt went (a little bit) wrong? Who could you trust to keep it completely confidential? Who would not question your professionality after told them about missed opportunities?

All of us know sometimes we could have done something, but did not. Or the other way around: we did not take an action ... while we knew it could have made a big difference to our client. 

We sometimes don't grasp the 'why' of our actions ... and that is exactly what you discuss with a professional coach supervisor. Because, when you know what drives you, you can influence it! 

What formats can a coach supervision have?

Individual supervision
 whereby you talk privately with your supervisor. This could be face-face or virtual.

Group supervision 
whereby you meet with a group of coaches  (max 6 persons) together with the supervisor. 

During a half day, 3 persons out of 6 can bring a cases or do a coach-exercises followed by feedback.

Reflective Supervision based on cases
whereby one supervisee describes the context, the pattern, the theme
and the supervisor (and other supervisees) reflect through different lenses about the case. 

Mentor-Coaching or supervision based on a live coach experience
Based on recorded tapes or video's  or based on a here-and-now coaching session of 30 minutes, we reflect on what was strong and what could be developed even further. If required,  the competencies van ICF or EMCC are used as reference.

Coach Supervision Formats

What is "reflective supervision"?

  • Is a way to become more transparant towards yourself, exploring your personal drivers and patterns
  • Is a chance to re-visit your habitual patterns and observe these with fresh eyes, from a meta- or a super-vision point of view:  are your habits still serving you? Does your way of working still provide a lot of added value for this specific client?
  • Is a form of experiential learning: by reflecting AFTER a coaching and you become ever more capable to reflect IN the moment during your coaching
  • Allows you to awake from your comfort zone: What do you want to keep, start, let go?
  • Creates a space where your imagination can flow related to the best service you can offer during your next session with your client

  • Invites you to grow and stay aware, to choose consciously, to review your perspectives

Reflective Coach Supervision:

what do we address?

Reflective supervision is not known, not loved ...

although magic insights are co-created, each time, over and over again!

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Inspirational reflective supervision questions

  • What are your clients' words that keep resonating after the coaching and that may want to be heard?
  • What behaviours may be becoming more and more standardised within your coaching?
  • What judgements or assumptions may hinder you to welcome the client fully?
  • What connections may want to be made?
  • What feelings may be not felt?
  • What secrets may keep you busy?
  • What strengths may not be used fully?
  • What victories may be put in the spotlight?
  • What story may you keep on repeating?
  • What kind of fears may be draining your energy?

Plenty of space for a smooth sub-title!

  • What parallel processes may be there between you and your client, you and your history, you and the organisation culture?
  • What limitations  may you be putting upfront?
  • ...

Questions to inspire you for reflective supervision

Your answers to this kind of reflective supervision questions will lead to a changed perception about your practise, your clients and yourself.

Reflective supervision offers you a quality boost and a SUPER-vision on your practise as a professional coach!

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