Accredited Supervisor


As from her early age, Sylvie has always put human development and well being at the heart 

of her life. Today, she still acts as an innovation & transformation catalyst. 


First as a Head Hunter, then as an HR Manager for renowned companies, she acquired 

significant experience in leading multicultural teams.Today as a Coach, Supervisor and 

Trainer, she enjoys promoting and supporting people to reach their potential & goals and to 

target for a more fulfilled and well balance life. 


It is in 2001, while at The Boeing Company, that Sylvie met an internal Boeing Seattle based 

coach and that she experienced coaching which – at that time – was a rather innovative 


This led her to complement her Bachelor degree in HR, to attend a coaching training in 

France followed shortly after by a one year supervision in London (both schools were ICF - 

International Coach Federation - accredited). In addition to bringing new tools and 

deepening others, it definitively brought her another perspective both as a person and in her 



The objective of supervision is not to « coach the coach », as often understood. It is for the 

coaches to go beyond their professional and personal obstacles and create a place for the 

form (learning), norm (standard) and restoring (recharging).“I define supervision as two 

words - super and vision – as in super-vision. To me, it is the process of helping the coaches 

to step back, metaphorically, from the work so that they may take a meta-perspective, or 

broader view, of their practice.” She joins Peter Hawkins & Robin Shohet when they say “A 

place to breathe and learn”. 


Coaches in supervision often refer to the relief of having time and space to think about 

particular aspects of their work and especially to reflect with a trusted colleague who will 

microscopically explore practice with them, contribute to their understanding and learn new 

ways of practice (thru observation and practical experience) and recharge their batteries. 

This support enables the coaches to contain and resolve some of the more challenging parts 

of their work. A process of reflection with a coach supervisor helps the coach to become 

aware of relevant strengths and weaknesses. It also allows gaining more than one 

perspective or interpretation of a client situation. 


Professional Supervision as a 'normal standard' in the Benelux is one of Sylvie’s last big 

professional project to support the Coaching Community. She used to be the regional co-

ordinator for Benelux with the Association of Coach Supervisors, and today, this is a 

redefined professional mission. 


Past President of the ICF Belgium chapter for 2 mandates, Sylvie was very much involved 

with ICF International. She assesses coached for ICF credentialing exams, participated to 

European workshops and conferences worldwide, and was active, at a global level, in the 

Regulatory and the Nominating Committees. 

Today Sylvie cumulates 15 years experience as a Coach, a Supervisor and a Trainer. She 

brings with her 7000+ hours of experience in both coaching and supervision. She has 

supervised / accompanied many experienced coaches (both in groups and individually) in 

their practice and, for some, in their willingness to gain accreditation. 


On the personal side, as a French national based in Brussels, Sylvie works in French & 

English. Travelling is her hobby, she is passionate about the Silk Road (she visited Syria, 

and more recently Iran, Uzbekistan & China). In addition to some European languages, she 

has been emerged in the Chinese language since the age of 14. 

How to contact Sylvie? 

Tel : + 32/473.36.31.36

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