What can an accredited coach supervisor offer?

What is the added value of an accredited coach supervisor?

An accredited supervisor has been assessed on applying multiple roles during supervision in a conscious way. The main focus of the coach supervisor is to enhance reflection about quality and sustainability in the coaching profession, for you as a coach, the client or coachee and his organisation. 

This means the supervisor has three (four) concrete roles for the coach supervisor: 

(1) restorative, supportive, empathetic, encouraging role during moments of stress and uncertainties. A supervisors starting belief is that you always have a "positive intent beyond every behaviour". We believe everyone unconsciously tries to protect ourself against something that may be unconsciously threatening to us.  

(2) a developmental role  in which he will inspire you with methods and ideas, offering your challenging questions to review your perspective.  Creating a higher awareness will lead to a broader basis of choice. This role is resembling most at the role of the mentor-coach.

(3) A guardian or normative role in which s/he will share his/her alertness for ethical and professional boundaries and standards.  Constructive feedback will show you the way forward to the next level in your learning path.

(4) During reflective group supervisions, an additional role of facilitating the group dynamics may be part of his/her role.

The 3 main roles of the accredited coach supervisor

1. Developmental role

Through questioning and explorations you will become more aware of the effect of your interventions, methods and the relationship aspects of your coaching assignement

2. Gate keeper role

Through critical questions you become more alert of ethical and professional boundaries and conflict of interest.

Through feedback on coaching competencies you will find the path forward to the next level of coaching certification.

3. Nurturing role

The supervisors empathetic approach encourges you to tap into your energy and build on your strengths.

What qualification does a coach supervisor need?

A coach supervisor is usually someone with a lot of coaching experience, somebody who chooses to keep on growing and who wants to add value to the evolution of the coaching profession. A coach supervisor is very reflective him/herself about the own interventions and quality of relationships and the efffects s/he creates on others. 

Each coach supervision is transforming for both the supervisee and the supervisor through the deep exchanges. Both will be touched in their personal journey. You can expect a supervisor to share the own experiences, sensations and doubts with you. 

As it is true for the the coaching profession, every coach can call him/herself a supervisor. This role requires a specific focus, knowledge and attitude, resulting in a true co-creative exploration. A specific coach supervision diploma is a plus, although, just like a coaching diploma, it does not guarantee long term quality.  Each professional supervisor has a supervisor him/herself by who she/he is supervised on the own supervisions. That, on the contrary, might be considered as a proof of continuous quality assurance. 

Although a coach supervisor has more experience, she/he does not know it 'better'. A  professional supervisor is happy to share his/her perspectives that might make sense. Like in coaching, you will choose your supervision question at the start and co-create the direction of the exploration. 

During 'normative' supervision, in which you can receive feedback on your coaching competences, attitude and ethical boundaries. The professional supervisor will share his insights on what you could do to evolve to the next level of coach professionality. 

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