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How do I prepare for a coaching supervision?
8 November 2018 

How do I prepare for a coaching supervision?

How do I prepare for a coaching supervision?

Coaches ask met this question: how can I prepare for a coaching supervision? What do I discuss during a coach supervision?

I remember that I had the same question when I started my supervision with my coach supervisor. I see my coach supervisor every 2 months and often I found a last minute topic to discuss. But that has changed in the mean while. My radar to notice good supervision topics is scanning continuously during and after my coaching sessions.

My speed of working and living prevented me from reflecting, feeling and noticing. I needed to learn to reflect after coaching.


Do you need to be in big problems before you see a coaching supervisor?

I used to think I needed to have a BIG problem before I consulted a coaching supervisor. Now I know that is not true. I have discovered that there are many blind spots which my supervisor will point out. Today I belief that there is always a wonderful discovery journey waiting for me!


Inspirational questions to prepare a coaching supervision

The below inspiration questions help me to craft my supervision question for my supervision sessions:

Supervisievraag voorbereiden

How do I prepare for a coaching supervision?

  • What case would I like to discuss in supervision? Where did I feel hesitations during coaching?
  • What kind of dilemma’s did I come accross?
  • What remains unspoken, not felt?
  • What do I find challenging coach situations or more ‘difficult clients’ ot deal with?
  • What were moments of doubt, feeling uneasy, shame during or after my coachings?  What do I rather not like to look at?
  • What is my next step I want to take with the team I am coaching? What do I possibly not see yet?
  • What do I want to check out with my coach supervisor?
  • What team coachings or coachings are planned and for which of them do I want to prepare myself better?

I am curious about which questions that resononate with you to reflect deeper about your coach practise!


Do you want to learn more from supervision cases with other team coaches?

Join a group supervision for coaches or team coaches!

Or book a free intake meeting with me through this link!

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Leen coacht executives en management teams, begeleidt intervisies en is lead trainer in de ICF-certificerende opleidingen ROOT-GROW-BLOOM en in Teamcoaching. Professionele Reflectieve Supervisie wordt aangeboden in kleine besloten groepen en aan individuele coaches en consultants.
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