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28 August 2018 

"Reflective supervision ... reflecting beyond shame!" - ask for a free try-out-session

Not many coaches know what “reflective supervision” can bring them. It is unknown and unloved.  Therefor we offer a free try-out-session for your team of (internal) coaches.

“Reflective Supervision helps you to overcome shame!”

During the session we address:

  • What is reflective supervision compared to other forms of supervision and mentor-coaching
  • What are the levels of reflection you could apply?
  • How can reflective supervision add value for yourself, the coachee and the organisation?

Each of us learned the coaching profession by falling and rising. A coach training provides you with the anchors, tools and know how.  But during your practise you might feel alone in your decisions. We feel responsible for an optimal process guidance. Our clients do not only value us for what we do with them, but also for the quality of the relationship we offer them. Our coaching clients are not observing us to find out what opportunities we might have missed. That is our profession. They trust our professionality. But … how conscious do we keep on challinging ourselves?

One might say that coaching is paradoxically a lonely profession. During the contacts with your client or the team you are in connection. Afterwards we are alone with our questions and reflections: Did I do the best I could? What hindered me to do what I planned to do? What was really happening between us at a certain moment? …

“Reflective coach supervision” will make you more alert for the choices you make in the future and will support you to reflect on effects you create so that you can become more free of habitual patterns formed during the past years.

Through anonymous reflection about cases, you will become more aware of hidden dynamics and themes that repeat themselves in your relation with your coachees. Reflective supervision offers a wonderful chance for re-discovering your strenghts and pitfalls in favor of the best quality you can offer your clients.


We like to meet you and your (internal) colleagues and offer you  a free experience in reflective supervision. Unknown, so not loved.

Reflective supervison could also be offered virtually.


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About the author
Leen coacht executives en management teams, begeleidt intervisies en is lead trainer in de ICF-certificerende opleidingen ROOT-GROW-BLOOM en in Teamcoaching. Professionele Reflectieve Supervisie wordt aangeboden in kleine besloten groepen en aan individuele coaches en consultants.
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