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Female Master Certified Coach in Benelux

What is "reflective" supervision?

Supervision creates a higher alertness for continued quality in your daily practise as a coach. 

Through relfection and mirrors you will choose a renewed focus during your next  coachings. You'll learn to reflect in a deeper and more systemic way.

Individual Supervision

During individual supervison you meet either face to face or on-line with your supervisor. 

You reflect on cases, doubts you have, patterns you notice with yourself as coach. Together we will explore your perception, mindset and broaden this with new perspectives.

Group supervision

During group supervion for coaches or team coaches you will meet with a fixed group, during
4-6 times per year. The trust and openess in the small group will grow as we will do a thorough group contracting. The diversity in the small group will bring richness in perspectives. Supervisions can be held both face-face or virtual. (

About Leen Lambrechts

Leen is coaching executives and management teams, facilitates action learning, is lead trainer in an ICF-accredited  Coach Training Institute: ROOT-GROW-BLOOM and in a 6-day team coaching program.
Professional Reflective Supervision is offered to individuals and to small groups of professional coaches.